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The dynamic changes at the catalytic site will be teased out using mutants that are defective at different steps of the catalytic process. Motor functions such as step size, slipping and pausing, and coordination among subunits will be analyzed in depth.

  2. Characterization of host proteins interacting with the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus L protein.
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  4. NSF Award Search: Award# - Mechanism of ATP-driven DNA Packaging in Bacteriophage T4.
  5. Leonard Mindich — Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
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The movements of various parts of the motor as the machine packages DNA will be resolved in real time. Multiple approaches, including molecular genetics, biochemistry, structure, and single molecule biophysics will be employed to generate a near atomic level understanding of the packaging mechanism. Broader impacts: Understanding of the phage T4 DNA packaging mechanism addresses one of the central questions in the life cycle of a virus. The research will contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms by which living organisms convert ATP chemical energy into mechanical motion, and condense and de-condense DNA during cell division.

Viral Molecular Machines | Michael G. Rossmann | Springer

It might open avenues to discover novel antivirals and to engineer the motor to deliver molecules into cells. The phage T4 system will be used as an excellent experimental model to mentor students at many levels of education: high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral.

Students will be exposed to a variety of cutting edge biological and biophysical approaches, and interact with investigators having expertise in interdisciplinary problems. The students will present their research in international conferences on phage and virus assembly. Some full text articles may not yet be available without a charge during the embargo administrative interval. Some links on this page may take you to non-federal websites. Their policies may differ from this site. Rao and Michael G. Chemla, Taekjip Ha, Venigalla B. Song Gao and Venigalla B.

Alam, Bonnie Draper, John D.

Stack and Venigalla B. Bonnie Draper and Venigalla Rao. Manjira Ghosh-Kumar and Venigalla Rao. Rao, and Douglas Smith.

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Venigalla B. Rao, Zhihong Zhang, Vishal I. Chemla and Taekjip Ha.. Li Dai and Venigalla Rao. Vishal I.

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  • Kottadiel and Venigalla Rao. Beginning with the viral entry into a host cell, the book takes the reader through replication of the genome, synthesis and assembly of viral structural components, genome packaging and maturation into an infectious virion.

    Viral Molecular Machines

    Each chapter will describe the components of the respective machine in molecular or atomic detail, genetic and biochemical analyses, and mechanism. Topics are carefully selected so that the reader is exposed to systems where there is a substantial infusion of new knowledge in recent years, which greatly elevated the fundamental mechanistic understanding of the respective molecular machine. The authors will be encouraged to simplify the detailed knowledge to basic concepts, include provocative new ideas, as well as design colorful graphics, thus making the cutting-edge information accessible to broad audience.

    JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Biomedical Sciences Medical Microbiology. Written by leaders in their respective fields Uses the best examples from bacteriophages and animal viruses, many causing infectious diseases of public health importance Conveys state of the art knowledge of the topic generated by combining X-ray crystallography, high resolution electron microscopy, molecular genetics, biochemistry, and single molecule biophysics see more benefits.

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    Molecular Machines and the Death of Darwinism - Dembski, Wells, Nelson, Macosko

    About this book This book will contain a series of solicited chapters that concern with the molecular machines required by viruses to perform various essential functions of virus life cycle.