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Forced to feminize their feet for the amusement of their other halves, the husbands in these stories about men wearing women's shoes are reduced to the most emasculating of minces from the moment they squeeze their soles into stilettos or put on patent leather pumps. Kept on their toes by sky-high spikes, they soon discover how difficult it is to do anything while wearing shoes designed to make a man weak - yet sitting around isn't an option when dominant wives demand they must stay on their feet!

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Wearing high heels is no walk in the park for a man who has to wear stockings with his stilettos, especially when even the shortest of steps makes him wobble because of the burden of his bra. Despite his wife demonstrating just how easily a woman does it, you can be sure he won't be going anywhere in a hurry, instead finding his feet held hostage to high heels.

Courtney has to spend the evening at work, but that doesn't mean she's going to allow her husband to simply laze about the house while she's away! Before she goes out, Kyle's wife insists that he surrenders to stockings and stilettos, locking him in his high heels to make sure he won't be tempted to take them off. His padlocked pumps make the long list of chores she's left him all too challenging, with each task seemingly chosen to torment a man who can only totter around on their spikes. Even when he's completed everything, Kyle still can't put his feet up, having to practice walking in his punishing shoes until his wife returns home.

Find out how he fares in Heels for the Evening.

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A message from his girlfriend sees Zach dutifully donning all the lingerie a woman would for a hot date, but her plans for the evening see him having to head out to the gym where she works as a trainer. These are nerd writers who went to school who have probably never seen a naked woman until college. They have no idea how to write romance to save their lives, so they just subscribe to the old hollywood cliches that never work in real life, because they don't know how to deal with the ladies.

Hmm, it may be a reflection of how society's conceptualization of manhood has evolved. Just because a guy waxes his eyebrows doesn't mean he can't kick your ass.

Ho yw0oD said:. Takes her home to their shared condo.

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Fails to perform. NEXT ISSUE: household chores become an issue of debate as Flash is reminded: "Why don't you use your super power and clean this room in a second when it takes me 45 mins to make the kitchen look good?? You know, I suppose that relative to his time frame, he still has to suffer the same amount of work as it would take for a regular person to do it - so it would still be a pain in the ass.

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There you go - more of "woman not having the empathy to understand things from HIS perspective" The Flash is a good show, better than Arrow, but Barry Allen is the fastest bitch alive. Him being in love with his defacto step-sister is creepy.

Should height matter in finding a partner?

The 'oh this is an MRA thing' is the last refuge of girly-men and their enablers. Like in the latest Bill Burr comedy, when the dollar crashes, are you going to rely on Mr. Sensitive or a manly-man. Writers are even doing it with Gotham! Cat already has more balls than little Bruce Wayne for fucks sake!

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  • If it wasn't for the presence of a reasonably strong Alfred, Bruce would have already run off and joined a convent. Modern superheros have lost their masculinity. I bet in some university, somewhere, someone has already written a doctoral thesis on this very subject. Wimpy male superhero syndrome is probably symbolic of the larger societal problems men are facing these days.

    And "its just a crappy show on CW" is no excuse for it either. For thousand of years, people have used the storytelling of their day, whether it was cave paintings, griot songs around a fire, dancing, or poetry to tell learning stories, fables, and symbolic myths to transfer deep and important leanings from one generation of male to the next. Today's medium happens to be television and it has enormous potential for storytelling, but to see it being used to feminize men like this is kind of sad.

    I think self-serving would be my answer. Every Starscream goes out of their way to make sure they can live to fight another day, try and get themselves in favourable position. So long as they come out intact, it's all good, they can try their shenanigans again tomorrow. Decepticons , Feb 28, Autovolt , Feb 28, How could you leave out the treachery OP? He's the epitome of vanity: excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc. WilyMech , Feb 28, I would add narcissistic.

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