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It turns out that she was a greater dancer. I started to like her. It was very difficult to engage them in an intellectual conversation. The three girls kept looking for movie stars to enter the bar. They drive you crazy. I called Jane Gallagher on the phone. I knew Stradlater gave her the time in the car. She was knew a funny gal, which I liked. I hated those people who only talked to you when they wanted something off you.

Suddenly, she started crying and I had to comfort her. We never necked or horsed around. We held hands in the cinema. Once, she placed her hand at the back of my neck and damn it felt good. Ernie was a guy who could play the piano damn well and I wanted to hear him. I wanted to know what happened to the ducks in Central Park during winter. The driver was a touchy guy and I dropped the topic. I was surrounded by jerks. Lillian Simmons once dated my brother D.

She was dating a Navy guy. I left because I hated the crowd.

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If you want to stay alive, you have to say that stuff, though. I walked all the way back to the hotel. I was depressed and wanted to have another drink. The lobby was all empty. One guy wanted to bring a gal over to my room late in the night.

The Catcher in the Rye

I am a virgin. Usually, when I want to do it with a gal, the gal will ask me to stop. I will do just that. I wanted to get some practice in case I was married in future. The prostitute had a green dress underneath. She was very nervous for a prostitute. She pulled the dress over her head. I wanted to talk to her more than have sex with her.

Honestly, I was more depressed than sexy. I paid her and then she left. It was all so depressing. I started talking to myself. Someone knocked on my door.

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It was Maurice, the guy who introduced the prostitute to me. The problem was that I only paid Sunny 5 bucks when she wanted Initially, Maurice agreed that the price would be 5 bucks. Now, he was going against his word. Sunny took another 5 bucks from my wallet. The problem was that Maurice was still pissed at me. I insulted Maurice and he hit me. I stayed in the bathroom for about an hour.

Now, I felt like committing suicide. I smoked another cigarette in my room. Her parents answered the phone.

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

We arranged to meet later that day. I had breakfast and realized that I spent a lot of money in the past 2 weeks. People cared about what suitcases others carried. I started talking to 2 nuns. They gave me 10 bucks for carrying these suitcases. We started talking about books.

The thing is that I really enjoyed conversing with them. The nuns were thrifty people and I liked that. I felt much better. I bought tickets to a theatre performance for Sally. I tried the Museum of Natural History. I confessed that I liked her. You figured most of them would probably marry dopey guys. Guys that always talk about how many miles they get to a gallon in their goddamn cars. Guys that get sore and childish as hell if you beat them at golf, or even just some stupid game like ping-pong.

Guys that are very mean. Guys that never read books. We went ice skating after the theatre.

She wanted to look all pretty and stuff. I admitted to her I hated school very much.

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  4. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Holden is kind of clear-thinking reacts against sex without love, against unclean personal habits, against any manner of rudeness. But it reacts for the persecuted James Castle and for the seemingly lonely nuns at the lunch counter and for the little kid who hums the title song and for, the ducks in the pond in Central Park. Holden is drawn to the kind of person who finds pleasure while playing checkers not in winning the game but, instead, in keeping all her kings in the back row.

    And he likes D. And Holden is a most compassionate person. Ring Lardner's story "There Are Smiles" "just about killed" him. When Allie died, he broke all the garage windows. He says that he didn't know why he did it, but the reader most certainly does. From Penn Station, much in need of the security of conversation and much in need of Phoebe, he won't call her up on the phone because it is after her bedtime and he doesn't want to disturb her.

    He puts his genuine leather Mark Cross suitcase under his bed so that he will not give an inferiority complex to his roommate who had one of those cheap ones that aren't even leather. And when he sees to men unloading a Christmas tree from a truck, he gives the reader a glimpse of his intense religious feeling: " One guy kept saying to the other guy, 'Hold the sonuvabitch up!

    Hold it up, for Chrissake! He even feels sorry for Ackley "sinus, pimples, lousy teeth, halitosis, crumbly finger nails and all. He doesn't want to spoil it, to mar it, to hurt it. And then absently he carries that snowball onto the bus, and the driver makes him throw away because, obviously, a kid with a snowball is intent upon harm. Is that is, in a way, the story of Holden's life, then it is small wonder that the words depressed and sad and madman are sprinkled throughout the story to the point of saturation.

    Holden thought of himself as a sad and depressed madman. And a sad and depressed madman because he lived in a world that was full of phonies and fakes and hypocrites. The novel is divided into three sharply defined parts: the first part when he is rejected by the school and when he, in turn, voices his rejection of the school, capping it with a final pronouncement: "Sleep tight, ya morons!

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    He had been through this before; he may go through it again. He hates the lousy manners, the uunlistening teachers, the uncaring friends and he rejects them; he can, in turn, be rejected by the school own relatively even terms because he refuses to be molded into the likeness of a Pencey Prep billboard. The second part finds Holden seeking acceptance.